The basics

Embed codes are what you use to get your Event Calendar, that you made using our app, onto your website. 

When you add the embed code to your website, your Event Calendar will appear in the exact spot where you pasted it.

You do not need to keep copy and pasting it every time you make changes. Your Event Calendar will update automatically on your website.

You can paste the embed code on as many pages/places on your website as you see fit. For example, you may want to display the Event Calendar on your homepage and events pages - this will probably mean that you will need to use the embed code twice, once on both pages. 

Multiple Event Calendars

If you have an applicable plan, ECA (Event Calendar App), allows you to create multiple Event Calendars. Each with their own settings.

For example, you may want to display an Event Calendar on one part of your website to display your sport events, and on another part of your website an Event Calendar with all your events combined. 

Each Event Calendar will have it's own, unique embed code.

Going to the dashboard allows you to see all the Event Calendars you have created.

Clicking on the calendar, will take you to the editor where you will find the embed code for that particular Event Calendar.

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