Event Calendar App allows people to 'subscribe' to your calendar. But what does that actually mean?

Event Calendar App gives you many different ways to source the events for your Event Calendar. For example, you may be pulling in your event data from Google, Facebook, adding them in manually, or even a mixture of all of these. You build up a collection of events that people can then see on your website.

The subscription functionality gives people a way to keep up to date with these events, and any changes, without visiting your website.

When people click subscribe on your Event Calendar, they will then be prompted to add your events into their own calendar tool/app, whatever that may be.

For example, on my iPhone, I use the built in 'calendar' iOS app. When I come across your Event Calendar, I can click subscribe, and then all your events appear inside my own personal 'calendar' app. 

Whenever you update your events, lets say you update your event times, it will change automatically inside of their calendar app.

It's simple and keeps your customers up to date. We highly recommend that you turn this feature on in your dashboard.

You can see how many people are currently subscribed to your Event Calendar by checking out your dashboard.

We do not currently collect information about your subscribers. We simply track the number of people who are receiving updates to your Event Calendar.

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