There are two ways that you can sell events through Event Calendar App

  1. Using our tickets link option

  2. Selling them directly with ECA with our Stripe integration

Selling them directly with ECA

Event Calendar App allows you to sell tickets directly from your Event Calendar. No need to send them to a different page or to another website.

For full details on how to set this up, visit this help article.

Event Calendar App lets you add what we call 'ticket links' to your events. This is a link to where people can buy tickets to your event.

They look like this:

For example, a lot of our customers use eventbrite to sell their tickets and then link to their Eventbrite pages with Event Calendar App. There are also many other services where you can sell tickets to your events.

Shopify Customers:

If you use Shopify, it is possible to create a 'product' which in reality is tickets to your event. You can then link people to this page from your Event Calendar using this 'tickets link' feature.

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