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😔Syncing to Facebook is currently unavailable

Latest Update:

24th April 2018

Unfortunately, Facebook are currently going through massive privacy changes (as you may have seen on the news), and have temporarily closed down a lot of their data.

This means that Event Calendar App is temporarily unable to read your Facebook events.

This issue does not just effect Event Calendar App, but also every other application that accesses Facebook data. 

When will it be working again?

As far as I can tell, Facebook will be opening this data up again at some point in the future. However, there is currently no timescale from Facebook as to when this will be. 

What to do in the meantime?

I recommend manually adding your events to Event Calendar app until this issue is resolved. You can also connect Event Calendar App to Google or Apple calendars, this still works as normal.

I will be doing everything I can to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you very very much for your patience.

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