A quick note about timezones before we begin:

We currently do not support event specific timezones for Outlook. Please do not change the timezones of specific events in your Outlook calendar, otherwise we may display their time wrong.

  1. Get the ICS feed from your outlook account

Select the cog in the top right of the screen and select options.

Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and select 'view all Outlook settings'.

The screen should now display a modal that looks like the below image. Select 'Shared calendars' in the navigation.

Scroll down to the Publish a calendar section and select the calendar, using the dropdown, that you want to sync into Event Calendar App. Ensure that 'Can view all details' is selected and then click Publish.

You should then see two links - a HTML link and an ICS link. We want the ICS link. Copy this into your clipboard as this is what Event Calendar App needs.

With this link, you can then follow the instructions to add the ICS url to Event Calendar app.

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