We currently require that all Event Calendars have a name. If you have an existing account with us, you will now be asked to give your Event Calendars a name when you access them in the dashboard.

What is the name used for?

The name is used to form a URL that can be used to access a page that contains only your Event Calendar. For example, I chose the name 'frontpage'. That means that my event calendar can be seen at https://frontpage.eventcalendarapp.com.

Of course, you can still add the Event Calendar to your own website and this does not change that. It just gives you something extra in case you want to link people directly to your Event Calendar. 

This page also enables people to share links to your events.

Why does it keep telling me invalid url?

Be sure to choose a single word. Keep in mind this is not the url to your website. Choose a single word that contains no upper case letters or numbers. I recommend you use the name of your business, or something similar. Here are some examples I might use for made up business'. 

  • johnspizza

  • thecraftsplace

  • thepianoshop

  • windows4u

Notice how there is no spaces, uppercase letters or numbers.

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