A big part of Event Calendar App is the fact that we sync with your existing Event Calendar. However, rightfully so, you may be worried that your personal events, or events not applicable to your website will display on your Event Calendar.

This is not something to worry about. We make sure you display only the events that you want.

When you sync to your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar we will then show you the names of all the calendars you have available. 

For example, I synced with my Google calendar. Event Calendar app then shows me all of the calendars that I have inside my Google account.

In this case, I only want my events in my 'Website events' calendar to show on my website and so I tick that box. All my other 'private' events, will never be shown to anyone on my website.

What should I do if my private and public events are mixed together in one calendar?

In this case, you will need to separate your public and personal events into different calendars. They is simply no other way that we can know what events you want to display on your website and which are private.

Can I set a small number of individual events in a particular calendar to not display on my website?

Unfortunately we don't currently have a way to do this. However, please let me know if you would like it as it is something we could look at in the future.

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