• Manual events will be added to your Event Calendar instantly

  • Synced events, such as those from Google, Apple, or Outlook calendars will take a maximum of 70 minutes.


Manual Events

Manual events are added instantly to your live Event Calendar on your website

Synced Events

Synced events are those that are coming from Google, Apple or Outlook calendars.

We want your Event Calendar to load quick....really quick. To do this, we check your synced calendars every hour to see if any new events have been added. We're then ready to load your Event Calendar super quick on your website when one of your customers wants to view it. 

If you've just added an event into your calendar and want to see your events straight away, so that you can add images, filters etc then you can click the refresh button:

Or, you can simply press F5 and refresh the page (again, as long as you're in the editor), and it will pull in any new events. 

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