Adding the Event Calendar to different parts of your website is a great way to increase visibility of your events. However, you may want to display it slightly different on different pages of your site. Let's take a look how we would do this.

The trick is to create multiple Event Calendars, with different settings, but the same events.

In my example I have one Event Calendar that I created in the dashboard

I want to add the same Event Calendar to another page of my site but I want it to have a different theme. 

Let's create a new Event Calendar by clicking the pink + button.

Enter the editor by clicking on your new Event Calendar.

This will then take you to an empty Event Calendar.

Importantly, I don't want to have to enter all my events again. Load in the events from your previous Event Calendar by clicking on Event Sources on the left hand side.

At the top, you'll see I'm only loading in events from my new Event Calendar (of which I have none). Instead, click to load events from your first Event Calendar.

You've now got two Event Calendars loading in the same events.

Important to remember here is that any changes to the events themselves (descriptions, images, tickets etc) will show in both Event Calendar. This means you only have to update the events in one place. 

All the other settings will only effect things in this Event Calendar.

In my case I'm simply going to change the theme. 

What we've now got is two Event Calendars, both with the same events, but with different settings. Great!

Simply use the embed code from this new Event Calendar to add it to your site. Find this in 'Embed Instructions':

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