Custom fonts are partially supported in Event Calendar App. They will currently work on the Event Calendar when it's on your website, but not for direct links like this.

How to specify a custom font

Choose Theme from the editor:

Select customise at the top:

If you scroll down, you will now see an option called font. Choose 'Custom Font'.

Now, you need to add the exact name of your font as it needs to appear in CSS. If you're not too sure what this should be, give me a shout via support. 

For example, I added Roboto here which will result in a CSS font-family of:

font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif ;

If this font is not valid, then you won't see what you expect.

Custom fonts wont work while you're in the editor, but will work perfectly on your website presuming your fonts are set up correctly.

I completely appreciate this can be a little tricky, so as I say, I'm here on support if you need me. 😄

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