There are two types of images that you can upload for each of your events.

  • Main Image

  • Thumbnail image

Main Image

This is the landscape image that is used on the Event Description page

Unfortunately there is no perfect dimension for this image. This is because your Event Calendar is responsive and will adapt to the width of your page. The image is therefore cropped slightly on both sides to make sure that it fills the available space. 

It's also worth keeping in mind that no matter what size image you upload, you will have use of our upload tool to crop the image perfectly:

You can choose an aspect ratio of 5:2 or 4:1, therefore any image size with these ratios will work.

For the 5:2 ratio I would try to make sure the image is at least 1000px x 400px or 1000px x 250px for the 4:1 ratio.

Thumbnail image

The thumbnail uses a 1:1 aspect ratio - think perfectly square like Instagram. 

I recommend using an image that is at least 600px x 600px, especially if you want to use tile view.

What if my images are looking low quality or blurry?

If your images looking pixelated, blurry, or low quality, this is probably because you have uploaded an image too small. Or, your image might be big but you have cropped into it too much.

For example, with my image with the dumbbells, if I crop in too much, I'm going to get a very bad looking image:

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