Some prerequisites to get started:

  • A paid Webflow account. Webflow only allows you to embed with their paid plan.

  • A subscription to Event Calendar App. You can't add your Event Calendar to your website until you have started a subscription.

  • Your ECA embed code. You can find this in the editor of the Event Calendar you wish to add to Webflow. 

Webflow is super powerful, and you can do a lot with it, but it certainly seems more intimidating than other website builders at first. 

I've tried my best to talk you through all the elements involved, but if you have any trouble, please just get in touch. 

In these examples I'll be using Webflow's 'business starter' template.

The aim:

Ultimately, you need to add an embed component to your Webflow page and insert ECA's embed code into it. That's it. 

What follows is the specifics on how to add ECA to a new Webflow page, or an existing page.

How to add Event Calendar App to an existing Webflow page
How to add Event Calendar to a new Webflow page

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