The widget is the 'thing' or 'application' that we enable you to add to your website.

In Event Calendar App a widget is a collection of events and settings on how to display them. Each widget has it's own embed code, which is what you use to it to your website.

Let's give an example:

Sally, at her fitness studio runs cycling and swimming events. She wants to display these events on different pages of her website, and she also wants the widgets to look slightly different.

To achieve this in Event Calendar App she creates two widgets. One that contains her cycling events, and the other contains her swimming events. She decides to display all her cycling events as a list, but uses our tile view for the swimming ones.

Each widget then has its own embed code that she can use to add the widgets to the different pages of her website.

Importantly, each embed code can be used unlimited amount times on different pages or websites. But Event Calendar App plans set a limit on the amount of Widgets.

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