Unless you're a recent customer you have probably seen this message on our analytics system before:

Not something that I'm proud of to say the least.

When I first built Event Calendar App, we didn't have many users, and so I quickly put together a system using Amplitude as our analytics. Needless to say, we have massively outgrown this system with the number of users that we now have. Amplitude limits the amount of times we can check data per hour and therefore most of the time the system doesn't work.

I'm happy to say that I've now built our own in-house system to power the future of Event Calendar analytics. This means you're going to soon see massive improvements. Not least of all, a reliable system that works every time you want to check it.

The downside of this upgrade is that I have decided that by default we will loose existing data. Amplitude doesn't make it easy to get our existing data out. I started to take this route but quickly realised it would take weeks, with the analytics system being completely down in the process.

Therefore, I believe I have found a good compromise:

If you would like your existing analytics data loading into Event Calendar App, please let me know and I will do this for you manually. If not, there's no need to do anything and you will simply see that your analytics have been reset.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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