This feature is for Business Plan users only. Please ensure your account is on the Business Plan before commencing to set up this feature, otherwise it will not work.

When someone RSVP's, or purchases a ticket to your event they receive an email that looks like this:

Notice how the email is actually sent by us. Not ideal if you're a business that wants to be as professional as possible.

However, our Business Plan now supports the email being sent as if it came directly from you. For example:

How to set up a custom email address

First of it is worth mentioning that this only works if you have an email address that contains your custom domain. For example is fine because it contains my domain Free email addresses such as do not work unfortunately.

The setup for this is manual at the moment, and requires me to take some steps on your behalf. I hope to make this a lot quicker moving forward.

Step 1

Ensure you are currently signed up to the Business plan.

Send me an email ( containing the domain you would like the emails to be sent from.

Step 2

As quickly as I possibly can, I will get back to you with some DNS entries that need to be added to your domain. I can talk you through this if you are not comfortable with it - it's not as scary as it sounds.

Step 3

Once this is all confirmed, your customers will then receive emails that come from you, rather than 🎉.

If you have any questions, or need any help at all, get in touch. 😃

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