By default all RSVP forms include a field for Name and Email. However, you can also add additional fields as you see fit, for example you may require a phone number or address.

To do this, head to the editor, and click on the event that you wish to edit. Click on the RSVP/Tickets tab and then the Integrated sub menu.

If you scroll down you will see the option for 'RSVP Form fields'.

It's nice at this point to actually open the RSVP form on the right so you can see exactly what you are doing. In my example I'm going to add a phone number field.

Click 'Add rsvp field' to add a new field.

You can then click on the field, which opens a drop down allowing you to make adjustments.

You can see that I have changed the label to say Phone Number (so that the customer knows what information I am looking for) and I have changed the type to Number.

There are three types of field that you can use:


This allows any character to be typed in it.


This field only allows numbers. It does not allow spaces.

Text area

This is a field that has a much greater height on the form, and is good for answers that require more than a sentence or two. Here is what it looks like:

You can also set the field to be 'required. This means that the form will not be allowed to be submitted without this field containing a value.

Once the form has been submitted by your customer, the information from the custom fields appears as you would expect on the RSVP/Tickets page.

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