Event Calendar App has a powerful ticket availability system that supports almost all circumstances.

When you create an event, it starts with a single ticket without a group.

Let's clarify some terminology we just used:

What is a ticket?

Each event can have many different tickets available for purchase. For example, you might have 'Adult' or 'Child' tickets. Or you may have 'Standard' or 'Premium' tickets - the options are endless here.

Each ticket has it's own name, price (if it is a paid-for event) and quantity.

What is a group

A group is a group is a group of tickets. Each group can contain as many tickets as you like.

How ticket availability works in Event Calendar App

There's a very good chance that you want to limit the amount of tickets that are available for purchase to your event.

There's a few ways you can do this:

Individual Quantities

You can set a quantity on the ticket. This will limit the amount of those tickets that can be sold. For example, I could create an 'Adults' tickets with a quantity of 10, and a 'Childrens' ticket with a quantity of 5. That means that only 10 Adult tickets and 5 childrens tickets can be sold. Simple.

Grouped Quantities

You may not care how many Adult or Child tickets are sold individually but overall you only want to allow 20 tickets to be sold.

To do this, you want to create a group. A group allows you to set how many tickets in that group can be sold. For example, let's create a group and call it 'General'.

If you click on the General group you will see that you can set a quantity. I've set this to 20.

You can then drag the tickets into the group so that they become part of the group.

This means that those tickets will now obey by the rules of the group. Once 20 tickets in that group have been sold then the group will be sold out.

You can still set limits on individual tickets even though they are in a group.

For example, in my case I'm going to create a ticket called 'observer'. I only want 5 of these to be sold. But, I still don't want to sell more than 25 tickets.

You'll see that ECA tells me how this individual ticket can only be sold 5 times. Importantly, because of the group it is in, only 20 tickets can be sold overall.

You can go as crazy as you like with this, with as many groups and tickets as you like. Once all groups and individual tickets are sold out, your event will simply display a sold out message:

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