Coupons can be created on the coupons page here.

Two types of coupons can be created:


This allows your customer to redeem a percentage discount. For example you may like to offer certain customers 10% off.


This is a fixed discount. For example you may want to create a coupon that gives $10.00 off the order total.

You have two options when creating a coupon:

1. Allow the coupon to be used with all of your events

When you're creating the coupon, you'll see an option to apply the coupon to all events:

Selecting this option will instantly allow the coupon to be used with all of your events across all of your widgets. Having a coupon with this selected will mean that in your RSVP/Tickets modal you will now see a coupon option:

2. Select particular events where the coupon can be used

There is likely to be times when you only want a coupon to be valid for particular events. To do this, create the coupon as normal but do not select 'Apply to all events'.

Instead, head to the editor, and select the event that you would like the coupon to be available for:

Click on the RSVP/Tickets tab on the left. Scroll down and you will see the coupons section:

This section shows you any coupons that have an effect on this event. In this example it shows me a coupon I created that I set to apply to all events.

Select the coupon in the drop down that you would like to be able to be used with this event and click Allow coupon to be used with this event. You will now see that coupon in the selection above.

This coupon can now be used to get a discount for this event.

That's it. :) If you have any questions please get in touch.

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