ECA supports charging tax on ticket sales. For example, if you're from the UK you may need to charge VAT, or if in the United States you may need to charge sales tax.

ECA allows you to create a 'tax rate' and then apply that to either all of your events, or set tax rates at an individual event level.

How to create a tax rate

  1. Head to the tax rates page.

  2. Click 'New'.

  3. Set the options for your tax rate.

  4. If you chose the apply to all events options your events will now automatically charge that tax to the customer. Your ticket sales will now look something like this when the customer is purchasing tickets to your event:

How to add a tax to an individual event?

Head to the editor and choose the event you would like to add the tax to:

Choose the RSVP/Tickets tab on the left.

Scroll down and you will see the tax section. This allows you to choose a tax rate for the event. The tax rate must have already been created as in the previous section of this guide.

That's it!

When a customer makes a purchase they will now be charged tax on top of the ticket price. All information on purchases will be included on the RSVP/Tickets page.

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