ECA helps you to sell tickets to your events. However, Shopify has no concept of 'events' and so in the background we create normal Shopify products. You may have seen these in your products page.

However, the downside to this is that these products can appear in your storefront when you don't want them to. Ideally you only want your events to be accessible via the Event Calendar App widget.

Unfortunately Shopify does not give a product setting to hide it from the store front. If you remove the product's sale channels then it becomes not purchasable. Not good.

Every Shopify store is set up slightly differently, however it is likely that your events are appearing on your storefront because they are included in your collections.

How to hide ECA events from collections

Head to your collections page:

Click on the collection you want to remove ECA events from. Scroll down and you should see the conditions for the collection. You want to add a condition like the below:

Each ECA event product gets added with the 'event-calendar-app' product vendor. And so this condition will hide all ECA events.


Unfortunately this method does not work when you are using the 'any condition' option. If you are using the any condition option, have a think to see if this collection can be changed to a 'all condition' collection. If not, get in touch and we will see how we can help. 😃

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