ECA allows you to display to your customers how many tickets are left for sale. Remaining tickets show on the:

Ticket Modal

This shows the individual remaining for each ticket type

All other views

On all other views a total remaining tickets is shown

Ticket availability can be toggled on and off on a per event basis. To turn event availability on, head to your dashboard, click on your event, and click Rsvp/Tickets in the top left.

Scroll down a little and you should see an option for 'Show ticket availability'.

Once you click this, availability should begin to show on your widget.

Important note to be aware of:

Availability will always show on the Ticket Modal. But be aware that if any of your tickets have unlimited availability (if they have no quantity set), then the total availability for that event will not show. This is because there's really nothing to show as availability for that event is unlimited.

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